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In cooperation with our Microsoft partner TD SYNNEX, we help you to optimise your online shop and:

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How can I increase the turnover of my shop?
You can increase your shop’s sales with our customised AI chatbot based on Azure AI, an innovative solution developed in collaboration with elio cloud solutions and Microsoft partner TD SYNNEX.

Use customised chatbot solutions for personalised and efficient online shopping.

Chatbot in a nutshell

Description of an AI chatbot

What is a (AI) Chatbot?

A chatbot is a software application designed to simulate human interactions. Chatbots can be deployed in various environments, such as online shops. They can be programmed to answer specific questions, provide information, perform tasks, or even engage in conversations resembling natural dialogue. Chatbots often leverage artificial intelligence to enhance interactions and cater to users’ needs.

The AI chatbot is an advancement of the traditional chatbot. It is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and understands human language based on Natural Language Processing (NLP). It differs from rule-based chatbots due to its ability for intuition and continuous improvement. This is because it uses machine learning algorithms to learn from its experiences and improve its responses over time. As a result, it can engage in complex dialogues and provide answers to unexpected questions.

Why is a Chatbot Essential in E-Commerce?

Chatbots have been a staple in e-commerce for several years. However, since the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT at the end of 2022, they have gained new dynamics. More and more companies are now adopting intelligent AI bots that rely solely on the data from their respective online shops. These chatbots are not connected to the internet and can only access the information available in the shop. They take on the role of a virtual salesperson, specializing in answering customer questions and assisting them as needed. They provide seamless interaction and can increase conversion rates by offering personalized recommendations based on individual purchasing behavior.

Another benefit of chatbots is task automation. Chatbots can handle a variety of routine tasks and customer inquiries. These include order tracking and status updates, relieving the customer service team and increasing efficiency. This automation allows companies to keep up with the growth of their customer base without the need for additional personnel resources. Additionally, chatbots contribute to improving customer retention. By enabling regular interactions and sending personalized messages, they attract customers to special offers or promotions. This fosters a closer relationship between companies and customers, strengthening customer loyalty.

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Use Case: Three Common Use Cases of an AI Chatbot

Here’s how it can look like in practice, as illustrated by the following example: Let’s say you’re an electronics retailer selling various types of laptops.
A chatbot could assist you in the following ways:

Customer Consultation

A customer wants to know which laptop suits them best. They might ask, for instance, “Is this laptop suitable for gaming?” The chatbot can then delve into the laptop’s technical specifications and provide the customer with an informed answer on whether the laptop is suitable for gaming or not. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the chatbot can also recommend alternative laptop models that better meet the customer’s needs.

Guided Shopping

The chatbot can guide the user through a guided shopping process to find the ideal product. To do this, the bot prepares specific questions from the data of the online shop to determine the customer’s needs. For example, the chatbot might ask the user, “What do you want to do with the laptop?” or “Do you prefer certain brands or features?” Based on the user’s responses, the chatbot can provide personalized product recommendations and guide the user through the purchase process. For instance, if the user is interested in gaming, the chatbot can recommend gaming laptops and directly link to the corresponding products in the online shop. With a click, the laptop then lands in the shopping cart.

Service & Support

A customer encounters an issue with a purchased product and asks the chatbot for help. For instance, the user asks, “My laptop won’t start, what should I do?” The chatbot can assist the customer with relevant information and solutions. For example, it can suggest resetting the laptop or contacting technical support. Additionally, the chatbot can refer the customer to the FAQ page of the online shop, where they can find further helpful information. For instance, the chatbot could also be trained with user manuals. This is useful for complex products, as the chatbot can then assist with tasks such as setting up the notebook. This can help avoid a large portion of returns. Overall, integrating chatbots into customer service enables problems to be quickly and efficiently resolved, leading to a better customer experience.

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Why Choose a Chatbot based on Azure AI?

An Azure AI-based chatbot is the ideal choice for e-commerce for several reasons. With Azure AI, you can create custom chatbots that are solely based on the product data or content of your respective shop. These chatbots are programmed as individual GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) (based on ChatGPT services). The custom-built GPT can only be used by you, not by others as with ChatGPT directly. This means you train your chatbot with your own data to tailor it precisely to the needs of your business and focus on relevant information. This allows you to build your own search index. You can also choose to exclude certain content from being answered.

Azure AI also offers a high level of flexibility and customization. With a variety of AI features, the chatbot can be precisely tailored to your company’s requirements and expanded and scaled as needed. This ensures that the chatbot keeps pace with your company’s growth and provides optimal performance. Overall, Azure AI is a robust platform that allows you to develop and implement powerful chatbots to enhance customer interaction and achieve your business goals.

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Chatbot AI interacts with laptop

elio cloud solutions is the leading service provider for developing custom chatbots for your online store. With our extensive experience and deep expertise in e-commerce, we are able to develop tailored AI chatbots that meet your specific requirements.

Through our comprehensive knowledge and continuous learning, we stay up to date with the latest technology. We rely on powerful platforms like Microsoft Azure AI to develop high-quality chatbot solutions. Our goal is to assist you in the easy usage and management of your custom chatbot. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we place great emphasis on a customer-centric approach. We take into account your feedback and needs to ensure that the chatbot meets your expectations and provides an optimal user experience.

Our technical expertise allows us to program and configure your chatbot according to your requirements. We consider both your individual preferences and the needs of your customers. With our experience, we are able to create interfaces to various shop systems such as Shopware, allowing your chatbot to work directly with your shop data and continuously improve its performance.

Additional Services for You

Whether you’re planning or improving an online shop, an online marketplace, an e-catalog, a CMS/DXP, or an interface.

  • We’ll develop a customized e-commerce platform for you or help optimize your existing solution.
  • We’ll take care of performance, design, and marketing for your platform.
  • We’re happy to advise and train you on creating or optimizing your platform.

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If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop a custom chatbot for your online store, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in successfully implementing your chatbot.

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Why elio cloud solutions is Your Ideal Partner

Further Individual AI Applications

We would also like to draw your attention to our other AI-based solutions. Over more than 20 years of collaboration, we have identified numerous use cases in discussions with our customers that can be greatly optimized through artificial intelligence.

Especially in the field of AI-driven process automation in e-commerce, there is a lot of potential. In addition to this field, the solutions and approaches of elio cloud solutions are ultimately applicable to many other areas as well. Our strength lies in developing custom, enterprise-specific AI functions that we can also combine with existing AI solutions to achieve optimal results. We analyze your business and your business strategy and identify opportunities to implement AI with you.

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Possible economic sectors for AI utilization

Overview of Additional Concrete Azure AI Projects

Our experts also assist you in building a comprehensive Data Warehouse (using Data Bricks) based on Azure AI. In this Data Warehouse, you can centrally analyze all relevant data of your company such as customer data, orders, shopping carts, and relationships. By using Data Bricks, you have a wide range of options for data analysis and processing.

Customer Classification or Clustering

By analyzing your customer data, you can categorize your customers into different segments, such as based on purchasing behavior or preferences. This allows you to develop targeted marketing strategies and create personalized offers to enhance customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Forecasting and Inventory Management

Using machine learning algorithms, you can make forecasts about future customer demand and provide recommendations for inventory management. This enables you to optimize your inventory, avoid overstocking, and ensure that you always have the right products in stock at the right time.

Trend Analysis and Product Development

By analyzing historical data, you can identify trends and patterns that help you predict future market developments and adjust your product development accordingly. This allows you to offer innovative products and services that meet the evolving needs of your customers.

We are happy to help you set up your data warehouse and develop customised solutions that will help your company make data-based decisions and achieve long-term success.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you build and utilise your data warehouse with Azure AI.

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